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Hot Stuff: Common Car Cooling System Problems

The radiator is a key component of the cooling system in your car. If it malfunctions it can cause the engine to overheat which can result in serious and costly damage. Below is a list of common cooling system problems which can affect the performance of your car radiator. Thermostat Failure Thermostat failure is a […]

Signs of Impeding Car Exhaust Repairs

Your vehicle’s exhaust system has two primary functions. The first is to ensure that it converts and eliminates any gases that have been generated by the vehicle out via the car’s tailpipe. Secondly, it works toward preventing any gases from making their way into the interior of the vehicle as these gases could prove to […]

3 Sure Signs of Power Steering Trouble

Many people often take their vehicle’s power steering system for granted until it stops working properly or fails completely. Experiencing power steering failure when you are on the road means you will have to steer the vehicle with a lot of effort so as to turn the wheels, increasing chances of an accident occurring in […]

Vehicle Acquisition Tips: Which Transmission System?

In the modern setting, vehicles have become more of a need than a luxury. With newer models of more affordable vehicles being produced every day, more and more people are driving their way out of vehicle dealerships. A large number of recent-model vehicles feature automatic transmission systems. However, the option of manual transmission is also […]

Advice to keep in mind when purchasing car parts online

In today’s world, people are buying more and more items online than ever before. There are not many items which you cannot buy over the internet and certain markets such as the auto parts industry is exploding in terms of online sales. When buying online, you need to consider many of the same factors you […]

Vehicle Odours Warning You of Impending Car Repairs

Most drivers enjoy the fresh “car smell” that vehicles have when they are brand new. However, this is bound to fade away over time through regular use of your vehicle and introducing new odours to it. However, there are an array of foul smells that you should never ignore when they begin emanating from your […]

What Really Goes into a Brake Service

Most people know about the brake discs, as that’s the most wearable part that needs replacing, but most aren’t aware of the massive job those discs do, or the fact that they’re the first part in a larger brake system. To understand what goes into a brake service, you need to understand the brake system […]

Preparing your car for a cross Nullarbor drive

The Nullarbor bite holds a special place in the Australian spirit. Driving across the full 3500km breadth of the country is a great way to appreciate the beauty and starkness of the Australian countryside. There aren’t many stops or auto repair shops along the way so it’s important to prepare your car to make it […]

What is Continuously Variable Transmission?

If you’ve been browsing manufacture websites to find a new vehicle, you’ve probably noticed several models which offer continuously variable transmission (CVT). This is a system which is typically offered as one of the reasons to buy a premium model, but few manufacturers offer much information concerning what CVT is. If you’re wondering if CVT […]