Hi-Tech Repairs: Auto Servicing From The FrontlinesHi-Tech Repairs: Auto Servicing From The Frontlines

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Hi-Tech Repairs: Auto Servicing From The Frontlines

This is Joe and I am so excited that I have landed an auto mechanic apprenticeship. I've never wanted to do anything else. I grew up watching dad tinkering with his car on weekends and the desire to be around grease and oil has been in my veins ever since. Even though I've only been training for a year, I've learnt that car servicing and repairs are different from when I used to watch my dad. These days it is very hi-tech and involves researching online manuals when a less common car comes in. It has really made me aware that mechanics need to be well-qualified and dedicated to their job as carelessness can put you in serious danger. I want everyone to understand the complexities of auto servicing these days and this journal is the result. I wish the very best for you and your car. Take care.

3 Reasons You Should Consider Fitting Your Trailer with Leaf Springs

If you trailer is fitted with torsion springs and they need replacing, you should consider replacing them with leaf springs. Below is a guide to the benefits of installing leaf springs onto your trailer's suspension system. Leaf springs help to preserve your trailer tyres If you own a trailer that has multiple axles, then leaf springs are the right choice for you. A leaf spring will flex and adjust to accommodate whatever weight is loaded onto the trailer and will balance as the tyres gain traction on the road surface. Read More 

Important Issues About Auto Air Conditioning

While many years ago auto air conditioning was thought of as a luxury, it can now be seen in almost all vehicles on the market. Auto air conditioning is a blessing on hot summer days, but it can quickly become a curse if it suddenly stops working in the middle of summer. How are you going to drive around in blistering heat? To avoid having the entire auto air conditioning system break down completely, here are some things to look out for. Read More 

Surprising Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

To keep your car's air conditioning system in good repair, you want to have a mechanic inspect the compressor, condenser, and other pieces every year, preferably before summertime when you'll be putting so many demands on the system. However, there are some things you can do on your own to keep the air conditioner in good repair and to avoid excessive wear and tear. Note a few of those here and discuss them with your mechanic if you still need more information about your car's A/C system. Read More 

Hot Stuff: Common Car Cooling System Problems

The radiator is a key component of the cooling system in your car. If it malfunctions it can cause the engine to overheat which can result in serious and costly damage. Below is a list of common cooling system problems which can affect the performance of your car radiator. Thermostat Failure Thermostat failure is a leading cause of engine overheating. The thermostats job is to control the flow of coolant in and out of your car radiator, which keeps your engine running at an optimum temperature. Read More 

Diagnosing Some Common Problems With a Car’s Exhaust and Muffler

Your car's exhaust system and its muffler are very important to the overall performance of the car itself; the exhaust system helps to regulate how much oxygen and other fumes and emissions are in the engine, which is needed for it to create a healthy combustion. A muffler is so important for keeping your car quiet that in many areas, you can actually get a ticket for not having a muffler that's in good repair! Read More