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This is Joe and I am so excited that I have landed an auto mechanic apprenticeship. I've never wanted to do anything else. I grew up watching dad tinkering with his car on weekends and the desire to be around grease and oil has been in my veins ever since. Even though I've only been training for a year, I've learnt that car servicing and repairs are different from when I used to watch my dad. These days it is very hi-tech and involves researching online manuals when a less common car comes in. It has really made me aware that mechanics need to be well-qualified and dedicated to their job as carelessness can put you in serious danger. I want everyone to understand the complexities of auto servicing these days and this journal is the result. I wish the very best for you and your car. Take care.

Two Common Problems To Expect With Diesel Fuel Injectors

Diesel fuel injectors are an integral component of your diesel vehicle engine. When fuel injectors fail, your engine will not be able to transmit diesel into the internal combustion chamber of the engine. This essentially means that your vehicle will be rendered immobile.

There are various reasons that could cause failure of the diesels injectors in your engine. Some of these factors are related to the mechanics of the vehicle while others relate to the quality of diesel fed into your vehicle engine. The article below discusses two of the common problems that affect diesel fuel injectors.

Heavy Leakage And Back Flow Of Diesel

One of the most common signs that your diesel fuel injectors are in trouble is heavy leakage within the interior parts of diesel engine.  The rate of leakage is often determined by the amount of diesel that flows back into the engine. The more the backflow, the higher the rate of leakage and vice-versa.

Other factors that may cause heavy leakage include cracking of the diesel injector's body or that of the nozzle, damage to the internal high pressure seal, and leakage of cross feed tubes among others.

Common indicators that there is heavy leakage within the engine include delays in cranking time upon ignition of the vehicle.

There are several things you could do to prevent internal leakage of fuel injectors. For one, you should ensure that the engine is tuned moderately because excessive tuning is known to increase the rail pressure within your diesel injectors, thereby creating fertile ground for heavy leakages.

Lack Of Fuel Injection

This is perhaps the most dreaded problem associated with the use of diesel fuel injectors. Failure of your injectors to serve their purpose could be caused by a number of factors. These include high or positive balance rates within the engine. The high balance rates tell you that there is addition of fuel to the cylinder occasioned by a difference in the amount of fuel delivered and the rate at which the crank shift of the vehicle is spinning.  .

Factors that cause this problem include rusting of the injector as well as accumulation of debris on its nozzle. A stuck needle nozzle can also cause the same problem.

The above-discussed are only two of the several problems you can expect with diesel fuel injectors. For more of these problems and their possible solutions, contact your preferred diesel service specialist, like those at Hi Tech Diesel Injection Pty Ltd.