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Hi-Tech Repairs: Auto Servicing From The Frontlines

This is Joe and I am so excited that I have landed an auto mechanic apprenticeship. I've never wanted to do anything else. I grew up watching dad tinkering with his car on weekends and the desire to be around grease and oil has been in my veins ever since. Even though I've only been training for a year, I've learnt that car servicing and repairs are different from when I used to watch my dad. These days it is very hi-tech and involves researching online manuals when a less common car comes in. It has really made me aware that mechanics need to be well-qualified and dedicated to their job as carelessness can put you in serious danger. I want everyone to understand the complexities of auto servicing these days and this journal is the result. I wish the very best for you and your car. Take care.

Vehicle Acquisition Tips: Which Transmission System?

In the modern setting, vehicles have become more of a need than a luxury. With newer models of more affordable vehicles being produced every day, more and more people are driving their way out of vehicle dealerships.

A large number of recent-model vehicles feature automatic transmission systems. However, the option of manual transmission is also available with many automobile models. Below is a comparison of the two types of automobile transmission systems for those intent on making a first-time investment in an automobile.

Level Of Complexity

Among other factors, the level of complexity associated with the use of vehicle transmission systems is of great importance. This is because it determines how easy or difficult it will be to operate and maintain the vehicle.

Generally, automatic transmission systems are more complex than their manual cousins. This translates to increased maintenance needs for an automatic vehicle. For example, automatic transmission vehicles use torque converters to facilitate the shifting of gears, while manual vehicles use a less complex shift lever for the same purpose. Automatic vehicles also have auxiliary coolers used to prevent over-heating of the transmission system while manual transmission systems use radiators.  Such complex features make it more expensive to repair and to undertake maintenance-related activities on automatic transmissions systems.

Type Of Terrain

Another important factor to consider when choosing between automatic and manual transmission system vehicles is the type of terrain that the vehicle will be exposed to most frequently.

Manual transmission automobiles are preferred for technical terrain. This is because manual transmission systems offer deeper gearing that is essential for getting through technical terrain. However, this should not be taken to mean that automatic transmission vehicles cannot handle rough terrain. The torque converter in these vehicles allows for gear multiplication, which compensates for their reduced deep gearing capability. Automatic transmission vehicles are often preferred for activities related to off-road racing.

Switching From Manual To Automatic

Prospective vehicle owners may find themselves in a situation where their preferred choice of vehicle does not have their preferred choice of transmission system. This should never deter a shopper from going with their preferred choice of vehicle.

With a little capital input, it is possible to convert the manual system in an automobile into an automatic transmission system. Making this transition is relatively easy for older manual vehicles that are not computer-controlled. For more recent vehicle models, it often involves changing the dash gauge head and the automobile computer system, which is more complex. This should come as music to the ears of vintage car lovers who wish to enjoy the convenience of automatic transmission without sacrificing their preferred choice of vehicle.

For more information about the differences between manual and automatic transmissions, contact a local auto shop or car dealer.