Hi-Tech Repairs: Auto Servicing From The FrontlinesHi-Tech Repairs: Auto Servicing From The Frontlines

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Hi-Tech Repairs: Auto Servicing From The Frontlines

This is Joe and I am so excited that I have landed an auto mechanic apprenticeship. I've never wanted to do anything else. I grew up watching dad tinkering with his car on weekends and the desire to be around grease and oil has been in my veins ever since. Even though I've only been training for a year, I've learnt that car servicing and repairs are different from when I used to watch my dad. These days it is very hi-tech and involves researching online manuals when a less common car comes in. It has really made me aware that mechanics need to be well-qualified and dedicated to their job as carelessness can put you in serious danger. I want everyone to understand the complexities of auto servicing these days and this journal is the result. I wish the very best for you and your car. Take care.

4 Common Issues That Your Car May Have

While owning a private car helps alleviate the stress and hassle associated with your daily commute, the onus is on you, the car owner, to perform the necessary vehicle maintenance and repair work. 

Below are some tell-tale symptoms of a malfunctioning car that require urgent repairs from a car mechanic

Noisy engine operation

By now, you're probably conversant with the sounds your engine makes when it is healthy and running properly. If you hear anything unusual, the engine is telling you that something is wrong.

Different engine noises point to different engine issues. The best way to know where the noises are coming from is to get your car checked by a qualified auto technician. The technician may carry out an auto diagnostics test on your engine to determine the underlying cause of the problem and then suggest how to make the noises disappear.

Increased fuel consumption

Like many other car owners, you want to keep your car's operating costs as low as possible. One way to accomplish this is to make sure you're achieving the best fuel economy.

If your car is covering a shorter distance than it used to per unit of fuel, this is an indication of poor fuel economy. If you fail to get the problem fixed quickly, you could end up spending more money than you should on fuel expenses. 

Poor ride quality

When your car is working properly, it should provide a smooth and comfortable ride. If the car feels shaky even while you're driving on a well-paved surface, you may have a failing steering and suspension system. Incorrectly aligned wheels can also trigger this problem.

Ride quality issues may result in poor vehicle handling, which may compromise the safety of your vehicle. If your ride feels bumpy and uncomfortable, it is best to get your vehicle checked and repaired immediately.

Excessive exhaust smoke

Another common car trouble sign that you must never ignore is excessive amounts of smoke coming from your car's exhaust system. It often signals underlying issues with your vehicle's engine and exhaust system. If the problem is left unaddressed, it increases the overall carbon footprint associated with car transportation. This is a bad thing for the environment. It may also result in permanent damage to the engine.

Whether you require a regular engine oil change or simply suspect something's wrong with your car, an auto mechanic near you can help resolve the problem for you.